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Gradle caching issue

Gradle fails to resolve some SKIE artifacts sometimes and caches the 404 result. The problem seems to be related to Gradle's caching mechanism - it takes some time for all artifacts to propagate to all regional caches after we release a new version. When that happens, people can see weird errors thrown by Gradle. Either it won't be able to resolve a SKIE artifact, or it'll crash on ClassNotFoundException because it loaded a wrong .jar file.

To resolve the issue, users need to run ./gradlew dependencies --refresh-dependencies (the task shouldn't matter, it could be model or assemble too). If that doesn't work, users need to wait for their region's cache to refresh and then run the task with the --refresh-dependencies flag again. If the problem persists for over a day, please open an issue. We're working with Gradle to alleviate the issue.